Tuesday, July 5, 2011


OGGLE - a humorous or simply mispronounced version of the verb to ‘ogle’, usually in the sense of ‘eye lasciviously’. A middle-class colloquialism. - Slang Dictionary

OGGLE - To stare at the breasts or ass of a woman with out their knowledge. - Urban Dictionary.

Baket ko nga ba binigay ang meaning neto? Here's the story,
Sometime ago, I dated a guy which I really liked. He's professional, within proximity of my area, family-oriented, God-fearing and discreet. What else can I ask for. :)

And so we were exclusively dating and togetherness could be inevitable. :)

After hours of cuddling and hugging in his nest, he dropped the bomb, and that he LOVED me...

I was caught off guard and I didnt replied since its too early I should say. I wasn't there yet..

So to lighten up a bit, I asked that we watched a movie after we go to church.

The previous mass is about to end and as we took a seat in the middle section, a hunky guy went to sit in front of us and my date became so conscious that it was obvious he was OGGLING him... :(

He even touched me and pointed his mouth towards the guy in front to acknowledge his presence. And his eyes were really delighted. Damn.

What was he thinking?? All throughout the mass I didn't talk to him. And when he noticed it afterwards, I told him it was a big turnoff. :(

Oggling is different from appreciating... especially when you're with someone you want to impress or take as your partner... :)

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